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Facts About CeraVe

  • Rooted in the science of dermatology, CeraVe products are formulated with a blend of three essential ceramides (ceramides 1, 3, and 6-II), fatty acids, and other lipids to help support the skin moisture barrier.
  • Our revolutionary MultiVesicular Emulsion Technology (MVE) allows many of our products to release moisturising ingredients over the course of 24 hours – helping to keep skin hydrated all day long.
  • Affordably priced and widely available, CeraVe dermatologist-approved skincare products are an accessible option for those who want high-quality products.

In 2005, CeraVe's dermatologists developed a line of skincare products enriched with a blend of three essential ceramides to help support the skin moisture barrier.

Dermatologist-Approved Skincare

Not only are our products developed with dermatologists, but No. 1 Body Skincare & Cleanser Brand in Australian pharmacy Containing three essential ceramides to help support the skin moisture barrier with continuous release technology for all day hydration, CeraVe offers effective, dermatologic skincare products for all skin types. CeraVe has been widely endorsed worldwide by skincare organisations.

Developed with Dermatologists From the Beginning

Dermatologists have been integral to the CeraVe story since our inception. Our journey began with a vision to create a new standard in skincare, guided by the expertise of leading skin experts. Dermatologists' insights into skin health, and their understanding of skin concerns such as eczema-prone, acne-prone, and dry skin, have been crucial in shaping our product portfolio.

This collaboration goes beyond mere consultation; it's a deep, ongoing partnership that ensures every CeraVe product is crafted with professional knowledge and an unwavering commitment to quality skincare.

Our pledge to work with dermatologists isn't just part of our history; it's a promise we renew with every product we create.

Developed with 3 Essential Ceramides From the Beginning

Ceramides are the cornerstone of our approach to skincare at CeraVe. Recognising their critical role in maintaining the skin's natural moisture barrier, we've been enriching our products with three essential ceramides since the brand's beginning. This trio of ceramides—1, 3, and 6-II—work synergistically to hydrate skin and help lock in essential moisture.

Developed with dermatologists, our unique formulations help protect against moisture loss and environmental aggressors.

Developed with MVE Time-Released Technology From the Beginning

At the heart of CeraVe innovation is MultiVesicular Emulsion (MVE) Delivery Technology, a revolutionary delivery system we've been using since our earliest days.

Developed with dermatologists, MVE Delivery Technology is a structure of “time-released” spheres, composed of a series of layers designed to dissolve over time and thus release our ceramide-enriched formulas over an extended period. This time-release mechanism, incorporated in many products across our portfolio, allows for steady, controlled absorption of ingredients, continuous hydration, and skin moisture barrier support through the day.

Our commitment to this advanced technology underscores our dedication to developing skincare solutions that offer more than momentary comfort – they provide enduring, science-backed skincare benefits.

^Circana MarketEdge, Australia Pharmacy, Unit & Value Sales, Skincare & Cleansing Segment, YTD ending 15/10/2023
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