What Are Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are lipids and form an important part of the skin’s topmost structure. They help lock in moisture. When used in skincare, they help provide hydration and help to thicken and enrich products. Fatty acids are naturally found in the top most layer of the skin and play an important role in barrier function and keeping the skin hydrated.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fatty Acids

  • Since fatty acids are not water soluble, they are excellent at providing a smooth, protective and emollient layer on the skin. As they are naturally found in the skin, they are gentle and can help compensate for any lack of hydration in the skin

  • Fatty acids can be included in almost any skincare formulation and regime. They make an excellent hydration booster in moisturisers and cleansers

  • Anyone can use fatty acids. However, fatty acids are particularly beneficial for those with dry skin.

  • Yes, fatty acids can be used on the body.

  • Yes, fatty acids can be used in conjunction with other skincare ingredients

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