Discover CeraVe moisturisers & cleansers for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin types require effective care in minimalistic formulas that work to support the protective skin moisture barrier without causing further irritation or sensitivity. CeraVe moisturisers and cleansers for sensitive skin types are formulated with ceramides to help strengthen and maintain the skin moisture barrier for visibly healthy results. This range of skincare for sensitive skin is also fragrance-free, paraben-free and allergy-tested, to support and manage sensitivity.


  • Sensitive skin is typically characterised by irritation-prone or allergy-prone skin that can be known to experience symptoms including redness, itching, dryness or scaling. Sensitive skin can appear in both oily and dry skin types which can make choosing the right skincare for sensitive skin tricky. However, it is recommended to look out for products with minimalist formulas that are fragrance-free, paraben-free and allergy-tested, for most comfortable results.

  • Signs of sensitive skin can be accelerated by a range of external factors including weather, harsh or irritable skincare products used, or skin conditions such as eczema-prone or keratosis pilaris-prone skin.

  • Choose fragrance-free products

    Non fragrance-free products can be known to cause irritation in the skin, causing sensitivity and other skin reactions. This makes it important to look-out for products that have 'fragrance-free' call-outs. The CeraVe range of skincare for sensitive skin is formulated without fragrance to avoid skin irritation. The CeraVe Foaming Cleanser makes an ideal cleanser for sensitive skin as not only is it fragrance-free, but it is also allergy-tested and therefore free from irritants.

    Support your skin barrier

    Sensitive skin can be a result of a damaged skin barrier causing reduced protection against external irritants. To support your skin's natural protective barrier, it is recommended to implement skincare for sensitive skin that is formulated with ceramides. Ceramides are a key component in skin and work to prevent damage, so to avoid the natural supply depleting it is recommended to implement products that feature ceramides to support and strengthen the skin barrier for healthy results.

    Add hydration to skin

    Dryness is a common cause of sensitive skin and occurs when the skin has lost too much water or oil. Dry skin can be known to show signs of itchiness or redness, and the most effective way to prevent skin from drying out is to add hydration. The ideal cleanser and moisturiser for sensitive skin will be formulated with hyaluronic acid, such as the Hydrating Cleanser and Moisturising Lotion, to maintain moisture levels in the skin for enhanced smoothness.

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