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Ceramides are natural components of the skin that link together to help form part of the skin’s protective barrier. Made from lipids, or natural oils, ceramides make up 50% of the skin’s composition and maintain balance within the skin cells. The skin produces nine different types of ceramides, each playing a different role in the skin. Key ceramides include ceramide 1, 3 and 6II: Ceramide 1’s key function is binding the cells together, ceramide 3 is apt at strengthening the cells1, and finally, ceramide 6II can soften the skin2. When ceramides 1, 3 and 6II are used together, they form a triple action to enhance and support overall skin functions. We all have a natural supply of ceramides, however, this begins to diminish with age, and lower levels of ceramides can weaken the skin’s barrier and allow harmful external irritants to enter. Maintaining a healthy level of ceramides helps to protect and maintain the skin’s barrier which can provide the skin with a variety of important benefits. Learn how ceramides can improve your skin quality by visibly rebalancing the skin.

Understand Ceramide's Benefits on the Skin

Ceramides play an important role in helping to strengthen the skin’s stratum corneum (outermost layer of skin), a protective barrier that acts as a shield. Boosting this top layer of skin benefits the skin in a variety of important ways. 

Ceramides can improve the skin’s moisture levels

When the skin cells are held firmly in place and have strong bonds between them, moisture is sealed inside the skin. The best way to combat a weakened skin moisture barrier, which can lead to moisture loss, is to strengthen the skin moisture barrier by using skincare enriched with ceramides. Ceramides can also improve the appearance of dry and dehydrated skin, and reduce dryness and roughness of the skin.

Help protect the skin against free radical damage with ceramides

Free radicals are harmful, unpaired electrons that can cause serious damage to the skin when left unattended. Free radicals can result from several external and environmental factors like UV impact, pollution, diet, smoking and more. As a reaction to these forces, the skin can produce harmful free radicals which can lead to oxidative stress which can accelerate visible skin ageing. Strengthening the skin’s protective barrier can help reduce free radical damage for a stronger shield against these environmental elements. Boost your skin’s health with skincare enriched with Ceramides.

Ceramides can improve sensitive skin

Sensitive skin may be a result of a weakened skin moisture barrier, people with sensitive skin can suffer from redness, irritation and increased sensitisation to chemicals, pollution, fabrics and sometimes even strong skincare ingredients. One part of managing sensitive skin is to boost the skin’s outer layer for a stronger buffer against individual sensitive skin triggers. 

Help maintain healthy skin with ceramides in skincare products

Aside from their defensive help, ceramides benefit the skin through maintenance. As the supply does decrease during the skin’s natural ageing cycle, using skincare products that have been enriched with ceramides, can help to maintain visibly healthy skin. Often preventative or maintenance based skincare will yield strong results as it is avoiding the problem rather than retroactively fixing it.

Ceramides on Different Skin Types

Typically, all skin types respond well to incorporating ceramides into a skincare regime. They are a gentle skincare ingredient that can yield powerful results. Even people with skincare concerns like sensitivity, hyperpigmentation or dark spots can benefit from increasing a supply of Ceramides, as their concerns may be borne of a compromised skin moisture barrier.

Ceramide Skincare Products

Ceramides are gentle on the skin and generally work quite well with other active ingredients. It is for this reason that CeraVe has included ceramides across its entire range of skincare products. Browse through some of CeraVe’s products below that help achieve a more balanced complexion. 

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

The CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser works to wash away impurities for a fresher complexion, without disrupting the skin moisture barrier. 

CeraVe AM Facial Moisturising Lotion with SPF 15

Hydrate and nourish your skin for the day ahead with the CeraVe AM Facial Moisturising Lotion with SPF 15, a morning multitasker formulated with ceramides. 

CeraVe Moisturising Lotion

CeraVe Moisturising Lotion, a lightweight moisturiser that absorbs quickly into the skin. This moisturiser is also formulated with ceramides to strengthen and help maintain the skin’s protective barrier. 

CeraVe’s trusted skincare has been developed with dermatologists to deliver targeted cleansers, moisturisers, serums and more. Browse CeraVe’s range of skincare products to manage your skin’s concerns and achieve hydrated, healthy-looking skin. 

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