Discover CeraVe products for dehydrated skin on the face and body

Dehydrated skin lacks moisture and is characterised by a loss of water and inadequate water retention. All skin types can suffer from dehydrated skin including oily and combination skin. The CeraVe range of products for dehydrated skin contain 3 essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid to retain moisture and help prevent further damage.


  • Dehydrated skin is a common concern that forms from a lack of water. It can occur in all skin types, no matter whether typically oily or dry, and is often caused by external factors such as the weather or surrounding environment. Dehydrated skin can display itself through itchy, dry or dull-looking skin, in addition to the exaggerated appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles.

  • As the visual signs of dehydrated skin and dry skin can show some overlap, they can often be confused as the same thing when in actual fact they are not. When comparing dehydrated skin vs. dry skin, the main difference is that dehydrated skin is a skin concern, whereby dry skin a skin type. A skin concern can often be restored and improved through targeted care and lifestyle changes, in contrast to skin types which are usually something you are born with, however can be affected as you age or changes in weather. The causes of dehydrated skin vs. dry skin also differ, with dehydration a result of a lack of water in the skin, and dry skin a result of a lack of sebum and natural oil production in the skin.

    The ways in which dehydrated vs. dry skin display themselves also show contrast:

    Dehydrated skin:
    - Dullness
    - Itchiness
    - Exaggerated appearance of dark eye circles, fine lines and wrinkles
    - Areas of discolouration
    Dry skin:
    - Flaking
    - Tightness
    - Scaling
    - Redness
  • The causes of dehydrated skin are predominantly external factors including weather and environmental changes, unhealthy and unbalanced diet including water-rich fruit and vegetables, and lifestyle choices such as the common consumption of alcohol, caffeine or smoking. These factors work to result in a lack of water in the skin, requiring the replenishment of hydration and moisture, not just in your skin but throughout your body.

  • Products for dehydrated skin, such as hydrating moisturisers and cleansers, that incorporate a blend of skincare ingredients that not only work to restore moisture in the skin, but also work to strengthen the protective skin barrier, will provide dull and dehydrated skin with effective care. Such ingredients include:

    - Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid retains water in the skin with its ability to attract and hold up to one thousand times its weight in water.

    - Ceramides: Ceramides strengthen the skin's protective barrier to help prevent moisture loss and protect the skin from external factors such as weather and environmental changes.

    - Glycerin: Glycerin helps to lock-in skin's natural moisture, whilst adding an additional source of hydration to the skin.

    All three ingredients above can be found in the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, the Facial Moisturising Lotion, and the Moisturising Lotion, for effective everyday care and protection in products for dehydrated skin.

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